Let’s create a safer medication experience in America because the statistics are alarming.

4+ Billion prescriptions filled in 2018, 2+ million injuries & 100,000+ deaths


A society free of medication harm.


Implement solutions that help to prevent and alleviate medication-related illness, disability and death (medication harm). We plan to do this as consumer-focused advocates that lead education, community engagement, policy and research initiatives to better protect consumers, promote the voice of the consumers’ medication safety experiences and broaden the understanding of what it means to be medicated in America.

“Being consumer-focused means tackling medication harm from a different lens that’s not driven by profits, but really driven by actions that improve health.”

— Mika Pollack

Leadership Team


Board of Directors

Charles Burger Courtney Hardy Lori Hoepner Mika Pollack Dave Stephens Ed Williams


Mika Pollack, Executive Director Robert Pitt, Assistant Director of Strategic Operations