We pursue drug change advocacy that increases consumer protections. Here’s a sample of the policy matters we support…


Mandate patient counseling & informed consent on off-label prescribing.

Consumers should receive full disclosures on the safety risks associated with their medications. Meanwhile, informed consent on off-label prescribing should occur. Requiring informed consent on off-labels & improving communication delivery of safety risks would raise consumer awareness for proper self-monitoring and help reduce medication injuries and deaths. #OffLabelConsentNow #PatientRxCounselingNow


Reform Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) advertising.

Drug advertising is everywhere - - print, TV & online media. Few can deny that. Therefore, these drug ads should be accurate, targeted properly and transparent with full safety disclosures that include not just a list of side effects the drug manufacturers are required to share, but also with notice on whether or not a safety issue currently exists or is being investigated. Consumers should know what they are being encouraged to take for proper decision making with their healthcare providers & drug advertising reform can make this possible. #ReformDrugAdsNow

Create uniform consumer notification on safety warnings & labeling changes.

The FDA and pharmaceutical manufacturers always know when there are safety issues that require new warnings or additions of safety risks to drug labels. Well, consumers should know too. End passive, inconsistent consumer safety alerting by implementing a uniform nationwide consumer notification system that supports a timely, consistent right-to-know. #ChangeRxSafetyAlertingNow


Strengthen clinical research standards.

Routine testing of drugs on small sample sizes consisting of people that poorly, or overly, represent certain U.S. population demographics is concerning. This and other practices compromise consumer safety and poses ethical concerns which need to be addressed. #BetterClinicalResearchNow


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Push for FDA response on consumer notifications

Do you care about receiving timely communications on new safety risks related to your medications? Then, support actions to gain further clarification from the FDA on consumer notifications about new drug safety risks & warnings.


Support fair representation of clinical trial subjects

Diversity in clinical trial subjects is more important than most people would imagine. Read the petition to find out why & support our call-to-action for changes to subject recruitment requirements.


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