We believe utilizing communities is a must & ensuring a safe medication experience is a public health matter.

FACT: Medications are prescribed in every community.

So, Safest Drug aims to build relationships within every state in America to identify where we can make the medication experience the most safe and ultimately reach every consumer demographic.

Working in communities will involve initiatives focused on education, rallying support at the local and state level for critical legislative action, as well as providing resources directly to consumers which can decrease their likelihood of experiencing a medication issue so severe it can cause a debilitating illness or a life-threatening condition.

Current community projects we are working on:

  • An education campaign aimed at increasing patient involvement & action.

  • Formation of partnerships & implementation sites for medication safety change.

  • Pharmaceutical drug take back initiatives to create more action in communities all over the U.S. who care deeply about helping people to safely dispose of expired and unused prescription and over-the-counter medications.

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